Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Truly Green Christmas

Last week I came down with a bad case of the holiday blues. Truth be told, I was being a bit of a butt head. I missed the San Diego Christmases, the cool air, the smell of cinnamon, sound of music everywhere, the colorfully lit malls. I wanted to drive by electric displays in neighborhoods and watch lawns twinkling with Christmas cheer. I was so busy griping about the nothingness of Christmas in Saipan, the "it's all about the sale" mentality that put a price tag on joy, the commercialism of Christmas here, the outrageous cost of a fresh (cough) tree, the lack "spirit", blah, blah, blah. This lasted about two days then....screeeech!

What the heck was I doing?
What was I thinking? Christmas is not about what you don't have, it's about sitting back and taking inventory of all the blessings around you, and it doesn't matter what you can't afford because the things in life that mean the most can't be bought or sold.
So, when Middle Road asked to share what I'd be taking off my Christmas list this year it made me reflect upon what really needs to go. We'll for sure be scaling down, no one can afford an extravagant season, but what really needs to be cut out? That's the question. Here's the answer. No whining about lacking anything because I know I've raised my kids well enough to be sure the gifts that matter the most to them will be a home filled with love. No lamenting what we can't afford under the tree when all that really matters is who sits around it. I'm cutting out the one thing what will surely kill the Christmas spirit, and that's a bad attitude.If there's one thing I want my children to remember about this Christmas, it's that we are blessed. If there's one lesson I want them learn, it's that giving feels just as good as receiving. So, I ask you, what are you going without this Christmas?
There may not be much to do here, but like this guy, we should all be dancing with joy for the things we do have. Wayne and I spent this evening at the Paseo with half of our kids, to watch the lighting of trees in the Green Christmas celebration. Who woulda thought discarded pieces of styrofoam, plastic and tin would make so many people so happy? Hmmm, a lesson to all of us, I guess, is that recycling can be a spiritual process as well. Merry Christmas to all of you. Love one another and count your blessings while you can.


Anonymous said...

Giving as always been, or supposed to be, what comes from the heart and not the price tag attached to it. Glad you recognized the value of giving.

bigsoxfan said...

Count your blessings indeed. I was sucked into the vicinity of one of the brightly lit mall areas last night. A twenty minute drive took an hour and a quarter. I arrived at my sister's in Coronado to find a christmas fair occupying most of the parking spaces and added another fifteen minutes for parking. Of course, there were items to buy and all that, but my boxes are in the mail already. I'll take your palm tree greenery and raise you three yards of silvery tinsel.

Deece said...

I have really been longing for that crisp Southern California winter this year. It's cold and crisp, but not freezing. It smells wonderful and the lights and decorations are beautiful.

You're right, Bon, no lamenting, no bad attitude. Because this, too, shall pass. And...oh, what is that verse? God will never test you beyond what you are capable.

I really want to take my kids down to the Paseo this month. Hopefully baby Jake will get better soon. Poor boy has been sick since last Saturday night.