Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Trimming The Tree

This year we've decided not to put lights on the Christmas tree. I thought maybe I'd hang some glow in the dark stars, but Wayne thinks the tree needs just a little splash of color and doesn't require lights. I agree. It's our way of saving and using our electricity wisely. Our tree is an artificial tree. There are a couple of ways to be eco-friendly this season: you can buy your tree from a place that only grows them for Christmas harvesting, buy one with root ball intact so that it can be replanted or use your old artificial tree over and over again. Only one of them is a feasible option here. I know it isn't bio-degradable, but we'll use it as long as we can, cut the plastic needles off and turn in the metal scraps to the recycling center. It was a smarter alternative than buying a "fresh" tree that had to be shipped over and are so overpriced because they then have to be kept "fresh" in air-conditioned rooms.
Every year we get one more house or building for our Christmas neighborhood. This year, we haven't done that yet, but I'm hoping there's a nice restaurant out there. We've got a few stores, a church, some houses and a bridge to a department store right now.
I sewed stockings for my four kids when Hope was born 13 years ago. It was a good thing I never threw anything away because I had to sew two more for Peyton and Sommer when they were born. I'm thinking this year I may buy four more for our ever expanding family or commission them out because I no longer have a sewing machine. Anyone make stockings? We need four for kids.
This year we went with silver and gold but I think we may be adding a little red. What do you think?
Sommer helped string and separate ornaments in the afternoon. The place is looking a lot more festive. Deece wrote a post about traditions. This year I've had to reflect upon keeping old ones and making way for new ones, but that's another post. This is our first year as a family, me, Wayne, and our eight kids combined. It's hard to know what should stay and what would hurt to go. I need some advice from anyone out there who's ever managed a blended family.


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I have some old socks you can use for stockings. I wear them playing soccer. Only a few of them have holes.

Bon said...

Thanks but no thanks. I have a feeling they'd scare Santa away.

Anonymous said...

Hey Boni,

Everything happens for a reason. Memories, happy or sad, are memories of your life in the past. I say everything stays. Store away those of your past that you may not want to be reminded of (and of course not to be relived with your present life) but are important to be passed on to the children for their memories, as they were very much a part of it as well.

I made the mistake of giving/disposing things and pictures that were part of me. I now only have the memories that I have been building the past six years. The rest of my 10 years prior are all gone and sadly, I can't share it anymore with someone that rightfully deserves to hold on to those memories.

I hope this helps. Love you!

Deece said...

I make stockings. If you get the fabric and tell me what you want, I'll sew them for you. (Or if you like the ones I made...I still have them.)

Cute village. I used to have fun walking through stores in CA where they had complete towns set up. It was great.

We (my mom) have a fake tree. I'll be posting about it soon. I'm so pressed for time right now, and pretty much everyone in my family is sick. I just hope they are better for Christmas and New Years.

bradinthesand said...
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KapGert said...


Gosh, now I feel so much better with my unlighted tree, I decided it wouldn't be bad to go without and just threw on the decorations (Im conserving too), its look good even w/out the lights and you gave me another idea, my daughter just recently tied the knot w/her color as lavender, silver and white, she recently moved to the states and I miss her badly-anyways, Im gonna dedicate that tree to her favorite colors besides the stuffed decorations already on it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Bon, To You and Yours.