Sunday, November 30, 2008

Things that irk me

Totally pilfered idea from Lex's blog. Seemed like a good way to reflect.

As a parent:
- parents who sit on their bums in public places while their children run around annoying people and making noise.
- parents who discipline their children out loud, but do not stop the behavior or follow through with consequences. "stop're running again...I said stop running...sitdownsitdownsitdown..."
- parents who dress their children in completely age inappropriate and offensive clothing (saw a kid once with a T-shirt that said "IF YOU CAN READ THIS THE BITCH FELL OFF")

As a wife:
- watching couples fighting in public
- seeing a husband ogle other women in front of their wives
- listening to other wives put their husbands down in public
-women who dress themselves better than their children and husband
- couples who walk out on each other in public

As a daughter:
- hearing children sass their parents
- seeing children ignore their parents
- listening to children disrespect their parents

As a sibling:
- when siblings curse at one another
- when siblings don't stand up for one another
- when siblings fight over money

As me:
- greed and gluttony (watching people eat themselves into a stupor)
- belching (especially women)
- people who talk loudly and draw attention to themselves
- loud fake laughs
- people who monopolize conversations
- women who wear cheap perfume and drench themselves in it
- people who talk about all the people they know (you know si' Joe? He's auntie Mary's Godson from former senator so-and-so. You don't know Joe? He said he knows you)
- people who always have some kind of fundraising ticket to sell you every time they see you
- people who ask questions just to piss you off (eh, so you got a new purse ha? plenty money no? I wish I had plenty money like you)
- passive-aggressive compliments. (You know the kind, when you're looking and feeling dumpy and you know it and someone says, "what's up sexy?")
- people who stare
- people who have to "amen" everyone in the room just for attention (Brown Noser: ñiora tun Ko. Tun Ko, after BN departs: Lao håyi dai enao?)
- grown men and women who desperately try to hang on to their youth and end up making public fools of themselves (hey dude, I saw your dad freak dancing at Club V last weekend!)

Oh Gosh I could go on, but I won't. As Lex says, rant ends here.


KelliOnSaipan said...

Good rant. Made me laugh. We all need to vent now and then.

plumeria*girl said...

Damn girl, RANT AWAY! My favorite is the one about people asking you quetions to piss you off...I get that all the time.

Deece said...

Note to self: don't burp around Boni.

1nce A Week Writer said...

Haha..people who stare! Made me laugh because it is so typical. you know why they stare, because nei they're on stare-roids

Hee Jae said...

WOW! That many phrases to describe me? I feel special.