Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's My Retirement Plan? Pajama Blogging. That's not very grown up, I know.

I'm thinking about retirement.  Not because I'm 40.  Just because I can.  Not because I'm unhappy.  Just because I can.  Not soon, but in time because I can, I can, I can.  I can be anything I want to be because I already did what I had to do.  So now the possibilities are endless, or at least more varied, like M&Ms.  Did you know M&Ms now come in Coconut?

I could make organic snacks.  Dried okra chips and avocado smoothies.
I could create the island's first margarita scented anti-bacterial, non-greasy mosquito repellant. Who wants to smell like Happy Hour? Oooh, me, me, ME!
I could open a Halo Halo shop and put all kinds of local yummies in it like bocayo, mango balls  and lemmai bits.  It would be a Håfa Håfa. 

Or, I could blog in my jammies allllll day long and no one would know.  Except you ;)

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