Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where's Kika the Fruit Bat?

The trip to the Saipan Zoo was exactly what we needed. There were enough animals to keep the girls busy and the video section in the main room was perfect for unwinding after a day in the sun. The girls enjoyed their visit, despite the scare that the hog gave us when she almost jumped out of her fence. Thanks Saipan Zoo! Peyton got the free pass for the day for gathering the most pledges in her class for the Red Cross Walk-a-thon. Thanks Peyton!

When we got home, we were surprised by the newly mowed lawn. It's always nice to drive up to the house and know that we live in such a beautiful place. So we got my honey in the car and drove to Bobby Cadillac's for a perfect ending to a wonderful day. Thanks Wayne, for spending the day caring for the house while we frolicked at the zoo!

Poor Emmet was leashed up when we got home, and before Wayne could get in the car, Sommer had already run out the car door to set him free because, "I love Emmet and I want him to be free"
After dinner: "Mommy, can I have all the bottles so I can organize them properly?"
"Tall ones go here, salt and pepper together, this goes here..."

Perfectly placed, just like my baby's smile!


Road-Block Blogger said...

Two great evenings in a row, what could be better than that?

plumeria*girl said...

I miss the smell of fresh cut grass....I also miss Bobby Cadillacs! I can't find pizza out here that tastes as good as Bobby's :(

Anonymous said...

Random question:

Can both of you speak Chamorro?

Because if you do, please pass it on to your kids. Even if it is just a little.


1nce a week... said...

hey boni, nice to see the kids enjoying a trip to the zoo, always wondered what was at Saipan zoo. Question, who picked bobby's cadillac, i thought wayne was tired of pizza. i guess once a while, yeah?!

Rick said...

Looks like your kid is displaying some early symptoms of OCD here, Boni!

Deece said...

What a nice day! We've been wanting to take the kids to the Saipan Zoo, but haven't had the chance lately. I think we'll need to make the time soon.

Para i familiaku said...

Wow, your daughter is so organized!
I haven't been to Bobby's in a while, but this definately makes me want to go there for lunch!