Sunday, January 14, 2007

Date Night

The tsunami did more damage to date night than to the island itself. After heading down the hill at the "all clear", the nice folks at the local theatre explain that the 7 O'clock shows are all cancelled. What!? I'm thinking we need to pack an emergency date night basket and hide it away in the trunk next time. The late show is not an option for tired parents who worked all day and just need some relaxation. So, we drive in search of food! Almost all restaurants along Beach Road were closed, so Tony and I scouted the Garapan Area. Wild Bills shown in the distance like a beacon of light welcoming us to our usual Saturday Date Night. Great food and good company always beats a tropical disaster. By the way, we got some free drinks from two very experienced gift givers who walked out the door before we could thank them. So, thank you Uncle Jesse and Auntie Meng! You guys are slick:) I guess our evening turned out swell after all.

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