Monday, June 6, 2011

Get Registered

I sign up for notifications all the time.  I know when there's a two for one sale on hand sanitizers and when I can get free shipping plus a really huge discount on wear-to-work outfits.  Every night at about 6:00 pm, I get a ScreamFree Parenting tip and Aeoropostale never let's me forget when "the last day to save!" is.

Probably the most important thing I ever signed up for though is the Sex Offenders Registry. Why? Because we've gone too long relying on that creepy feeling.  Because parents deserve the information.  That's right, we deserve it.  When something out there has the potential to devastate those you love, you deserve to know in advance.  And because sometimes the people in charge wait for bad things to happen before doing anything about it.  It won't take the place of responsible parenting and it certainly is no guarantee my children will be completely safe, but this notification...the one that I just opened that says:

You have registered to receive e-mail notifications for Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands when a registered sex offender moves into your area.
makes me feel better equipped to protect my children. It takes a few of the boogie men out of the shadows for me.  It isn't perfect and definitely uncomfortable to look at, but it's less painful than knowing too late.  

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kirida said...

I signed up for an email alert when people do move into the area. It's really disarming to see how many transients there are here in Seattle. They can give any intersection as an address and that's it. Makes me more alert if anything, which is what we need to be more of now, more than ever.