Sunday, August 22, 2010

This is where I totally embarrass myself

What would life be without dumb moments like tripping and looking around to see who saw? I'm no stranger to clumsiness or brain flatulence.  This week has been a doozie, I do have to admit, but hey!  I blame it on the unavoidable and cyclical horror of Mad Cow Disease.
  • Yes, I did it again.  My secretary will not even blink when she hears this but, I still wonder how I manage to always lock my keys in my office, therefore locking myself out of my office all the time!  I hang my keys on my desk, where I've stuck a little thumb tack to the wall so that I will always see my keys before leaving work.  Well, last Friday I shut down my computer, grabbed my purse and walked out of my office leaving my dangling keys to scoff at my absentmindedness.  One text to the secretary, a search for keys to open one office led to a search in that office to find the extra keys to mine. least this time I didn't lock my entire family in the school administration building.  Yes, it has happened before.
  • Okay, so I told my contractor I loved him.  Yup, we both froze for about a second.  Before you begin to wonder, let me explain. We were talking business and saying our goodbyes, you know "okay thanks, okay that sounds great, ok bye" and he started out the door when I turned around and looked at my computer screen.  Right as he walked away waving and saying his last, "ok, bye", a message from my husband popped up on my gmail (I love you) and I said OUT LOUD while Mr. Contractor said goodbye, "I love you too!" He looked at me, I looked at him.  Luckily, we've known one another for years, I was even his daughter's 3rd grade teacher and I quickly showed him my chat box. "I don't love you, I love my husband, but I like you very much" We both laughed, but I'm sure he walked away just a little perplexed.
  • Don't lie.  I know you've all done this one.  Given your Smiles card to the gas attendant at Shell?  No? Okay (raising my hand), I did. How about introducing a member of the Board of Education by a wrong title at the monthly Principal's and Program Manager's meeting? Guilty again.


Thought you oughta know... said...

I think your contractor had his day made! I'm sure he felt it as a nice gesture at that time. hahahaha!

KapGert said...

At the recent Saipan Parent Summit, BOE member Herman Guerrero addressed Commissioner Sablan as Commissioner Rita Inos (God Bless her Soul!!!)